How To Fight A Credit Card Lawsuit
Option 3: Represent Yourself

Represent yourself in court


There ARE defenses that will help a consumer defeat a consumer credit card lawsuit.

However, these defenses are complicated, and require consideration legal knowledge as to which may apply to a consumer credit card lawsuit; how to obtain the information from the debt collector that is necessary to prove the defense; how to respond to legal documents from the debt collector that will attempt to overwhelm the consumer; and when to submit the specific information to the Court to secure a dismissal.


Every individual has the constitutional right to represent themselves in court. However, in Arizona, the Courts have specifically ruled that the consumer that represents himself/herself is held to the same knowledge of the law as an attorney, and must submit documents that comply with the Arizona Rules of Court.

As noted above, doing nothing is the worst option that a consumer can choose in defending a consumer credit card lawsuit; however, a consumer that represents himself/herself in a consumer credit card lawsuit against an attorney's office suing them is operating at an incredible disadvantage.

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1. Do nothing → 2. Attempt to negotiate3. Represent youself
4. Retain an attorney to defend you → 5. Bankruptcy

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