Asset Acceptance, LLC


Asset Acceptance is a high volume debt buyer whose main office is located at 28405 Van Dyke Ave.,Warren, MI 48093.

  • Asset Acceptance LLC is a MASSIVE debt buyer, and is a subsidiary of Asset Acceptance Corporation, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  In the first quarter of 2009, Asset Acceptance Corporation purchased $ 748 million dollars in consumer receivables that were alleged to be delinquent.
  • Asset Acceptance, LLC has its main office is located in Michigan, with offices in Baltimore, San Antonio, Cleveland, Brandon Florida, and Phoenix.
  • In 2011, Asset Acceptance reported income from its consumer collection activity of        $ 350 million dollars.  They further reported income from its consumer collection activity during the first quarter of 2012 of $ 101 million dollars.
  • In January of 2012, Asset Acceptance settled with the FTC for $ 2.5 million dollars for its unlawful collection practices.
  • Asset Acceptance is very aggressive in their attempts to collect on “old” credit card debts in Arizona, and employs several different law firms to prosecute lawsuits in the Arizona courts.
  • Asset Acceptance is the least cooperative of all debt buyers in consumer attempts to negotiate settlements on credit card lawsuits.
  • Asset Acceptance is very proud of its success in collecting on judgments entered against consumers on credit card debts, and is very active in garnishing consumer’s wages and bank accounts.
  • Don't be a victim of debt collection abuse.

    If you are being sued by Asset Acceptance, LLC or its representatives, or are suffering debt collection abuse or harassment at the hands of Asset Acceptance, contact the consumer lawyers at The Law Office of Richard Groves at (602) 230-0995 or CLICK HERE

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